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Drone Services


406 Tours is your leading Montana drone services company, which specializes in drone photography, drone video, drone surveying, and drone mapping. We provide custom drone solutions to an endless spectrum of clients across industries by providing impactful drone media and drone data with cutting edge technology. We provide drone services for many different industries including commercial real estate, tv & film, surveying, oil & gas, agriculture and infrastructure.


Showcase your property and its location with real estate drone video. Add-on options include fully branded video.



Nothing makes your wedding or special event stand out like drone pictures.



360 Panoramic Images allow you to swipe around the image similar to Google Street View. This is a very effective way to showcase your property online.


Equipment costs, software, taxes, insurance, and personnel can be financially challenging when collecting and analyzing aerial data. With this in mind, we offer flight servicing as the cost effective alternative. We take an expert approach to data collection, management, and analysis, and our teams are always efficient, professional and timely.

Save Time

Operations with our drones are completed significantly faster than the methods utilized traditionally. Spend less time in the field by using drones for drone photography, drone video or other data capturing purposes.

Save Money

Drones save firms money in a number of ways. We offer consistent prolonged nationwide solutions for big industry clients. Seamlessly incorporate drones into your organization.

Reduce Risk

Remove people from hazardous situations and replace them with a drone. Drones are more flexible and provide a lower level of risk than the traditional solutions that drones aim to replace.

3 Easy Steps

1. Book Flight

Booking a drone flight is easy and only takes a few minutes whether over the phone, email or our platform. We take the time to understand your exact needs so that we can deliver an exceptional experience for you. 

2. We Fly

Now time to sit back and let us take it from here. We will have one of our professional drone operators go to the flight location to fly the mission.

3. You Get the Media

Once the flight has been completed, the media/data will be processed by our in-house specialists and will then be available for you to view, share & download.

For Realtors

Billings Tech Guys is here to help our real estate customers reach their goals. We listen closely to all and any needs you may have to create custom drone solutions that will help showcase your property using our best-in-class real estate drone video & drone photography. We’ll capture the property like never before via several of the best vantage points possible! Best of all, we offer turnkey real estate solutions nationwide and provide an online platform to manage drone missions and to view, share, and download all of your drone media.

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